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bastrop texas
I love my new bracelet

You did a good job on my camouflage bracelet I love it it matches my qalo ring!

bastrop texas
I love my new bracelet

My new bracelet and my lanyard matches my qalo ring which is artic blue camo with a little bit of white and gray you did a good job

Bastrop, Texas
Paul Makes the Best Bracelets

He makes the best bracelets and lanyards around. I stand behind him!

Steve Eyer
Hanover, PA
My Dad's Dogtag

I sent my Dad's dogtag "reluctantly" to have a bracelet made. This tag is the only remaining artifact left that my Dad had on/with him at Iwo Jima and 5 years later at The Battle of Chosin Reservoir. He left the Corps as a Gunnery Sergeant, passed away in 2002. His brother was in Korea also but never came home MIA and presumed dead in '52. This is why I was reluctant to send it out but everything was tracked and they did a beautiful job and I will be proud to wear it. Very prompt, kept in touch with e-mails. I'm extremely happy with your service and superb workmanship. Thank you all again.

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New Orleans

As a RN, support both veterans and police. Order a lanyard from Paul. Holds my picture ID. To support both war vets and police force. Wear every day to work. Break away. Have bracelet on off days.

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Mike R
Vista, Ca
Customer Service

Great customer service! Fast and friendly. These people deserve your business.