King Cobra vs. Cobra | 275 Cord vs. 550 Paracord: Size Comparison


I am asked about the size difference between the King Cobra and standard Cobra knot bracelets. King Cobra bracelets could be called an actual “man bracelet,” so let’s just say the difference is a lot.

Standard Cobra Knot vs King Cobra Bracelet Size Comparison

550 Standard Cobra Width: 7/8″ | Approx. 1 foot of cord per inch
Thickness: Approx. 3/8″

550 King Cobra Width: 1 3/8″ | Approx. 2 feet of cord per inch
Comes with our larger 1/2 inch durable contour buckle.
Thickness: Approx. 5/8″

Keep in mind that measurements can vary slightly based on cord lots. Here are photos to give you an idea of just how much more hefty the King Cobra bracelet is than the regular Cobra knot bracelet. View our slideshow below for more comparison photos.

The King Cobra paracord bracelet is approximately twice the size of the standard Cobra knot bracelet. Check it out and ask me any questions you may have before you order to make sure the King Cobra is right for you. This is one weighty paracord bracelet!

Paracord Paul’s Exclusive 275 Tactical Cord vs. 550 Paracord

Below are photos of King Cobra and standard Cobra bracelets in both 550 Paracord and my exclusive 275 Tactical Cord so you can see the difference in size and profile.

275 King Cobra Width: Approx. 3/4″ | 275 Standard Cobra: Approx. 1/2″

275 Tactical Cord vs. 550 Paracord Comparison

275 Tactical Cord:

This Mil Type 1 style cord has a four-strand core and 16-strand cover, delivering a whopping 275-pound test break. We call it 275 Tactical Cord, and it’s some tough stuff.

550 Paracord:

My products are made in the U.S.A. with mil-spec MIL-C-5040H type III requirement cord and have a minimum breaking strength of 550 pounds (550 cord). In addition, my paracord comes from the same U.S. factory, a government contractor that supplies the military, so quality is assured.