How to Measure

Instructions to Measure Your Wrist or K9’s Neck

How to Measure Your Wrist

Get the perfect fit for your bracelets and dog collars by following the instructions on this page.

  • Bracelets: I need to know your wrist size — not your bracelet size.
  • K9s: I need neck size — not collar size.
  • IMPORTANT: All items are custom-made to order just for you. So please use these instructions to ensure you receive a bracelet that fits your wrist size. [Return Policy]

Don’t worry about which knot or clasp is used. I compensate for that as well to meet your designated wrist size.

I’ve made thousands of bracelets and dog collars and know how to knot up your order for a comfortable fit. But I need you to take a moment to send me accurate measurement information.

Why do we need your wrist size…

Depending on the knot and clasp, I add the necessary length to your wrist size to ensure your bracelet will fit properly. The same goes for your K9’s neck size.

Do not add extra space to compensate for a comfortable fit!

I consider this when making your item to ensure it will fit properly. For example, if you add more length than the actual measurement indicates, you will likely have a bracelet or collar that is too loose for your liking.

These very same guidelines also apply to measuring your K9’s neck for one of our collars.

Regarding K9s, do not measure the old collar and provide that measurement. Instead, we need your K9’s neck size.

How to Measure Correctly

1. First, you’ll need a ruler, a pen or pencil, and a strip of paper about half an inch wide.

Get supplies ready: Scissors, Pen, and a Strip of Paper.

2. Wrap the piece of paper lightly around your wrist.

Wrap the strip of paper around your wrist.

3. Mark the paper right where it meets the starting point.

Mark the paper where it overlaps. DO NOT add extra length. We need this precise measurement.

4. Then measure that length on a ruler. Now you know what size to order!

Now, measure the length with a ruler.

The above steps are the best way to ensure an accurate wrist or neck size so you receive a bracelet or collar that fits properly!

REMINDER: Do not add or reduce your actual measurement. If you add or reduce the measurement length, you will have a bracelet or collar that is likely too tight or loose for your liking.