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Brian Orange
Chester, Virginia
Great, long lasting products!

I ordered a couple YEARS ago and they have lasted through calls for service, repeated showering, hockey, swimming; EVERYTHING. I came back for a few more and still easy to deal with while ordering matched with great products.

Thank You

I have not received my order yet! BUT!! I didn't want to wait to leave a review. My reason is simple, the CUSTOMER SERVICE is awesome. I can not thank everyone in C.S. for all there patience. These are some really cool people and based on that, I know my bracelets will be Great!
Thank you to everyone at Paracord Paul.

Angel Toth
M.P. Idea

I wanted something to show tribute to my Military Police Unit as well as other M.P.'s I came up with this & it turned out better than I expected. I have 4-6 different bracelets, lanyards ect. & they are all from Paracord Paul. The products are not only made as a superior product they are dead on with what you pick. I recommend the steel clasp not only for sizing but also for durability. Paul is the ONLY paracord shop I'll use.

Kyle Edwards
Las Vegas NV

A law enforcement friend recommended paracord Paul. I got the thin blue line bracelet. Fortunately for me the company had me re measure my wrist, I was wrong. I received mine today and its perfectly. Thank Paul. Make everyone re measure. I will send more people your way.

Jerry Dunham
Monterey Ca
💪🏼King Cobra

Originally ordered the King Cobra Paracord Bracelet back in 2016. Was stolen last year, so just decided to replace it.
Was very surprised the price increased only $.50 the last 4 years. Thank you for your service sir.
🇺🇲Stay well. Go in peace. JD590

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