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Federico Bilotti
Paracord Range bag tags

Just received my Paracord Range bag tags and they were exactly as expected. Well made.

Thank you

Brian Orange
Chester, Virginia
Great, long lasting products!

I ordered a couple YEARS ago and they have lasted through calls for service, repeated showering, hockey, swimming; EVERYTHING. I came back for a few more and still easy to deal with while ordering matched with great products.

Thank You

I have not received my order yet! BUT!! I didn't want to wait to leave a review. My reason is simple, the CUSTOMER SERVICE is awesome. I can not thank everyone in C.S. for all there patience. These are some really cool people and based on that, I know my bracelets will be Great!
Thank you to everyone at Paracord Paul.

Angel Toth
M.P. Idea

I wanted something to show tribute to my Military Police Unit as well as other M.P.'s I came up with this & it turned out better than I expected. I have 4-6 different bracelets, lanyards ect. & they are all from Paracord Paul. The products are not only made as a superior product they are dead on with what you pick. I recommend the steel clasp not only for sizing but also for durability. Paul is the ONLY paracord shop I'll use.

Kyle Edwards
Las Vegas NV

A law enforcement friend recommended paracord Paul. I got the thin blue line bracelet. Fortunately for me the company had me re measure my wrist, I was wrong. I received mine today and its perfectly. Thank Paul. Make everyone re measure. I will send more people your way.

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