Where Service Matters: Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the questions we get asked a lot — and the answers for your convenience.

We strive to offer the highest levels of customer service by providing transparency and going the extra mile. All items are custom-made to order, so we may double-check the information on your order based on our decades of experience and ask for your confirmation to ensure the information is correct.

Please add our email address, support @ paracordpaul.com, to your approved senders or whitelist so that you can receive our communications.

The reality is Paul only has two hands. That means he can only do so much at any given time. Right now, orders, many from loyal customers for items we list on this website, need to be a priority.

The time required to develop the specs for custom items and acquire one-off supplies is something we currently are unable to accommodate.

We do not offer wholesale pricing on top of our already low prices. And since Paul only has two hands, we cannot entertain large-quantity orders.

No, you need not have served or be serving to order from us. We are happy to knot up our products for all American Patriots. Additionally, Military and Law Enforcement benefit from moving to the front of the line, which may shorten our lead time just a bit.

Absolutely! We will keep you posted along the way. You will receive an update from us:

  • When you place your order.
  • If we need clarification or confirmation of your details
  • When your order is sent out to my shop.
  • When your order ships — with your tracking number.

Be sure to whitelist our email address support @ paracordpaul.com so that you can receive all our communications. Also, you want to be able to receive our emails in case we need clarification or have questions about your order.

If we need to contact you about your order and do not receive a reply within seven days we will refund your order. Of course, you can always re-place your order at your convenience.

Keep in mind each of your items is handmade to order. And Paul only has two hands.

LEO and Military orders are given priority. We are always pretty busy, so most orders ship within 5-7 business days (sometimes sooner), and you’ll receive a confirmation email with your tracking number when your order is on the way.

Because of the amount of knotting required on larger orders and dog leashes, these orders will take more time, so plan an additional 5-7 days to be safe. Please let us know if you have a specific in-house date for larger orders.

Based on our real customer testimonials, you can have confidence that items knotted up by Paul just for you are worth the wait.

By providing an accurate WRIST size (NOT bracelet size) and not guessing. Be sure to use the instructions here.

If you follow the instructions and provide the correct info, I’ll ensure your item fits you comfortably based on your details. This goes for dog collars, too — we need NECK size — not collar size.

IMPORTANT: Do not guess; do not surmise. Use these instructions, and your bracelet or dog collar will fit properly. Size Matters!

Standard bracelets can be up to 9 inches in length. X-Large bracelets up to 12″.

I custom knot each item just for you based on your order; therefore, all sales are final. That is why it is essential to measure per these instructions and double-check your order details upon check-out.

Measured wrong? Is your bracelet or K9 collar too big?

I can shorten your bracelet/collar for a fee based on the new measurement you provide (we can shorten bracelets but cannot lengthen them after the fact). As a courtesy, be sure to contact Judi immediately upon receipt of your order so we can discuss how to proceed best. All returns must have our prior approval to be accepted.

Email me if something isn’t per your order, and I’ll make it right!

However, as I am sure you can understand, I cannot be expected to incur replacement/modification costs and return shipping for those who do not provide accurate measurements or correct order details.

We provide as much detail as possible about our products and what you can expect, including tips and info to help you in your decision making process.

That is why we offer gentle reminders throughout the order process to review order details, again in the order confirmation email and the email sent when Judi sends an order out to my shop.

All bracelets come with our durable black contour buckle. In addition, on most of our 550 bracelets, you can upgrade to our TactiCool Stainless Steel Adjustable Shackle.

All neck lanyards include our break-away clasp.

Finally, our K9 collars use our highly polished aluminum buckles for strength and durability.

01/21/24: Uncle Sam raises rates again. We have no choice but to raise our shipping rates. Thank you, USPS.

Orders within the United States:

  • Orders under $50.00: Flat Rate USPS First Class for $4.50.
  • Orders over $50.00: Free USPS First Class.
  • Orders over $75.00: Free USPS Priority.
  • Upgrade any order to Priority for $8.75.

We do not make money on shipping; we only cover our costs to the best of our ability.

USPS has announced that they will again increase rates every six months after that. Our rates, unfortunately, will reflect those increases.

All items are shipped USPS First Class Mail, and you can upgrade to USPS Priority. Email us if you need expedited shipping for a particular day or event, and we can discuss your options!

You will receive an email from us noting when your item(s) are on the way. In addition, all shipments have tracking numbers for Delivery Confirmation.

Please add support @ paracordpaul.com to your address book, approved senders, or white-list so you get our email confirmations!

We are in zip code 38668 in northern Mississippi. First Class USPS will vary depending on your location. Let’s be honest — Uncle Sam’s postal service is not the most consistent or reliable. Plan on at least 3-5 days to get your package, possibly longer if you are on either coast or if there are weather issues in your neck of the woods.

If you want to get your items faster, we highly recommend upgrading to Priority for $8.55, which generally takes 2-3 days from our location to yours once in Uncle Sam’s hands (and USPS doesn’t guarantee even that!).

Also, once an order is shipped and handed off to USPS, we have done our job, and it is out of our hands. Please contact your local Post Office with our tracking number if you have any questions.

You can login into your account to check your status. Or, email us your order number, and we will get back to you with the answers to your questions.

We only ship within the United States due to better fraud protection and the ability to accurately track our orders.

We keep our prices low 365 days a year. However, we have a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale each year that begins before Thanksgiving. Otherwise, we might hold an event or a promotion on Military, Patriotic, or Veterans-related Holidays.

Being a small shop, we don’t have 20%-60% discount potential built into our prices as the big name/big box stores or foreign entities do. Therefore, we don’t compete on price. Instead, we offer you great prices with outstanding service every single day!

We appreciate your understanding and support!

We get emails almost every day asking for free products (some for hundreds or thousands of free products) for this or that team, squad, or cause. We are a veteran-run small business, just Judi and I, and our product line is geared towards military, law enforcement, and patriotic Americans.

When we can make donations, it is at our discretion and only to those groups and orgs that benefit our Military, Wounded Warriors, and their families.

Paracord Paul is not just a company name. I am a U.S. Air Force Veteran who makes quality products on this site by hand. I use only the best materials I can find and take quality and service very seriously.

It is only me and my better half, Judi, here to serve you! For more about me — click here.

LEGAL STATEMENT: Paracord Paul has been in business for 14 years. We diligently and aggressively protect our copyright protected content and images from unauthorized use. We will not hesitate to file a DMCA complaint with the hosting company of unethical individuals causing the offending website to be taken off-line. Govern Yourself Accordingly.