Operation Redwing & Red Friday Charity Bracelet

On 12 January 2014, we saw the movie Lone Survivor and were humbled by the story of the Heroes of Operation Redwing, where 19 Patriots lost their lives. Each year we remember the anniversary on June 28th, so these patriots’ sacrifice is never forgotten and by reminding us all to Remember Everyone Deployed.

Operation Red Wings Red Friday Charity Bracelet
Operation Red Wings Foundation

Our Red Friday Bracelet is one of our most popular paracord bracelets. $5 from each of our Red Friday Bracelets is donated to the following two charities:

Marcus Luttrell founded the Lone Survivor Foundation, the Lone Survivor of Operation Redwing, to bring the same environment that healed Marcus to others.

On June 28th, Remember Operation Redwing

Navy SEALs

  • LT Michael Murphy
  • SO2 Matthew Axelson
  • SO2 Danny Dietz
  • SOC Jacques Fontan
  • SOCS Daniel R. Healy
  • LCDR Erik Kristensen
  • SO1 Jeffrey Lucas
  • LT Michael McGreevy, Jr.
  • SO2 James Suh
  • SO1 Jeffrey Taylor
  • SO2 Shane Patton

Night Stalkers: 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment

  • SSG Shamus Goare
  • CW03 Corey Goodnature
  • SGT Kip Jacoby
  • SFC Marcus Muralles
  • MSG James Ponder III
  • MAJ Stephen Reich
  • SFC Michael Russell
  • CW04 Chris Scherkenbach
Special Warriors Org

Special Operations Warriors Foundation was created in Memory of Operation Red Wings and Lt. Michael P. Murphy, USN, who was awarded the Medal of Honor.

If you have not seen the movie — you should.

Then, live a life worthy of their sacrifice.

Why not show your support for our military men and women on Fridays? The Red Friday idea has been around for a while and is a neat way to show your support once each week, especially now in these uncertain times.

Some sites noted that this began as an email hoax in 2005. Tell that to the American Legion and others who wear red every Friday!

Until now, Red Fridays were just red t-shirts with support slogans. Then we received requests from our customers requesting a “Red Friday” item they could wear with their shirts (quoting one customer — “I want to beef up my Red Friday outfit!”)

We use our Brass Dog Tag made from spent shell casings, which reads: “I SUPPORT OUR TROOPS THEY’RE IN OUR HEARTS, MINDS AND PRAYERS.” The bracelet has an Imperial Red 550 Paracord with a Yellow 275 Tactical Cord for the yellow “ribbon” flanking each side of the brass (made from spent shell casings) dog tag and our durable contour buckle.

Wear Red on Red Fridays. Show Your Support!

The American Flag does not fly because the wind moves past it. The American Flag flies from the last breath of each Soldier, Sailor, Airman, and Marine who has died protecting it.
Author Unknown