National Loyalty Day: May 1st

National Loyalty Day: May 1st

Loyalty Day

 It is a day set aside “for the reaffirmation of loyalty to the United States and for the recognition of the heritage of American freedom.” 

With each passing day, we are in an increasing battle for the “recognition of the heritage of American freedom.” Bit by bit, the liberty and personal responsibility that made the United States a beacon to the rest of the world is being diminished.

Not by the average American but by those who stand to gain more power. It isn’t about respecting the founding principles but the effort to dilute them and make them seem inconsequential.

Why a National Loyalty Day?

During the Second Red Scare, it was recognized by the U.S. Congress on April 27, 1955, and made an official reoccurring holiday on July 18, 1958 (Public Law 85-529). President Dwight D. Eisenhower proclaimed May 1, 1955, the first observance of Loyalty Day. In 1958, Eisenhower urged Congress to move Child Health Day to the First Monday in October to avoid conflicting with Loyalty Day. Loyalty Day has been recognized with an official proclamation every year by every president since its inception as a legal holiday in 1958.

At the time, the Red Scare was described as promoting “widespread fear of a potential rise of communism, anarchism, or other leftist ideologies by a society or state.” Sound even a little bit familiar?

1955 to 2022 — 67 years — and here we are. Who would have imagined we would see coming out of D.C. what we are now?

It’s Time

Back in the day when you took a typing class — yeah, I just dated myself — one of the things you would learn to type was:

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.

Now is that time. Now more than ever, we are up against a very organized and highly financed cartel of folks who don’t believe in our founding principles. They need to be voted out. No more globalism, excuses, and pretending we are fighting while being perfectly content to be the losing opposition.

Please do what you can to support those brave Americans who believe in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Not those who just yap about it — those who walk the walk. We need new blood; the lifers are not up to the challenge. This is the only way to make the change we need before it is too late.