REMINDER: Prepping Tips for Severe Summer Weather

Your Annual Summer Prepping Reminder!

Prepping Tips for Summer &  Hurricane Weather

Hurricane season is from June 1 through November 30. Then you have Flash Flooding and in our case heat indexes that have been over 100 degrees for the past two weeks. Being prepared matters!

Using Summer Weather as Another Excuse to Discuss Being Prepared!

This then lead me to thinking about prepping and that I hadn’t posted any “reminders” in a while. So consider this your reminder (or wake-up call). The way “things” are going, regardless of the season — being prepared is essential. (Bookmark my library of prepping articles for future reference.)

Due to the number of Summer Emergency Alerts that got me to thinking about what this year’s hurricane season may bring. As well as to inventory our stored supplies. When we relocated to Mississippi over a decade ago, Katrina had just hit. The energy and scope of that storm was evident all the way up here in Northern Mississippi. The entire state electrical grid going down for an entire week. What would you do without power for just one week?

Answer this… Are you Prepared?

You need to be prepared; especially if you live in an area prone to these storms. Even if your home is not on the coast, massive systems often cause damage well inland in the form of rain, flooding and power outages. Where we used to live in Lake County, Illinois they’ve had unbelievable flooding this month — in July. When we lived up there Spring flooding was expected. But not in July! That just proves that Summer weather in general can be dangerous from flooding, to extreme temperatures and wild to fires.

Many of the supplies that are needed for any survival plan/program/kit can be purchased and stored long before the first warnings are sounded. Often at the first hint of a storm people will rush to the stores and empty the shelves. Save money by watching the sale fliers in advance of storm season (or at all times like Judi does) and getting any non-perishable items when they are discounted. This will ensure your family has the items they need, without having to rush from store to store at the last minute with everyone else.

Prepping Tips for Summer and Hurricane Season

Here are handful prepping tips for summer and hurricane season (which apply to any bad weather actually) that can be accomplished before that weather radio (You do have a weather radio don’t you?) bleats its first alarm:

  • Gather Information: Know your evacuation route, especially if you are in a designated storm surge zone or area prone to flooding. Find out where the local shelters are located. Understand the difference between watches and warnings and purchase a NOAA weather radio if you don?t already own one. Keep a list of emergency contacts available in a water-proof bag. These can include your local emergency management office, utilities, insurance agents and local radio and television stations.
  • Copies of Important Documents: Make copies of any important personal documents such as social security cards, driver’s licenses, home deeds, etc. Store these items in water-proof bags in your fireproof or security box is in case you need to leave your home in a hurry. Having cash or traveler’s checks on hand can also be helpful. Here’s where a bug-out bag is extremely handy! If you have to evacuate, grab your docs and cash from the safe and put them in your Bug-out Bag as you head out the door.
  • Provisions: Necessary items that won’t go bad like canned goods along with a manual can opener; bottled water (lots of water), bleach, batteries, flashlights, matches and candles can be purchased way before bad weather hits. Don?t forget your pets. Canned dog or cat food also have long shelf lives. First-aid supplies such as bandages, Band-Aids, hydrogen peroxide and aspirin should also be on this list. Garbage bags, moist towelettes and tools to turn off utilities also come in handy.
  • Perishable Necessities: Including extra prescription medications and bagged pet food will need to be procured closer to the season, but will last several months and should then be used once storm season has passed.
  • Keeping Comfortable: Being comfortable will add to keeping you and your family’s attitude in a happy place when everyday conveniences are minimized for any period of time. Extra clothing, snacks, games (and towels) can be stored in watertight bags or plastic bins for emergencies.

One last suggestion… If you haven’t invested in a generator — just do it. When the power goes out for an extended period of time you’ll be glad you did. Can’t tell you how good it feels to power-up ours when power is out for extended periods due to severe thunderstorms. Make sure you have an ample supply of gasoline on hand too and check/maintenance your generator every so often so that it will be ready to fire up when you need it.

Our Military is Always There — and Prepared!

Oftentimes during a natural disaster there are our military service men and women on hand to assist. Our military is an invaluable asset stateside that is always there when we need them. If you find yourself in a weather emergency where our military jumps in to help, be sure to shake a hand or two and thank them for their help.

It may not happen every year, but sooner or later we all face hurricanes or severe summer weather (or unexpected disasters). If you haven’t yet, start right now to make the necessary preparations to help yourself and your family.

Because you never know when the day before … Is the day before. Prepare for tomorrow.
~ Bobby Akart

Have a safe and fun Summer!