Unique Paracord Gear Gift Ideas

Unique Para Cord Gift IdeasLooking for unique custom made gift ideas? Over the weekend Paul mentioned the increased number of phone calls and e-mails he is receiving asking for gift suggestions and what colors work best.

I know how difficult it is to decide what gifts to buy for certain friends and family who seem to have everything. Believe me — I’m with you on that! Unfortunately for us everyone on our list is already stocked up with Paracord Paul Gear!

Being Paul is knotting his fingerprints off, I thought I would try to help you out with the task of completing your gift list by sharing with you the products I get asked about most via our Live Chat and by e-mail.

Christmas Gift Ideas from Paracord Paul

Military Cobra Knot Paracord Bracelets

The Original Military Cobra Knot Paracord Bracelets

This is the 550 Paracord Bracelet that was born in the Military. For those who do not yet have a Paracord bracelet — this will get them started — and hooked! As with most of our 550 bracelets you have a choice of our contour buckle or upgrading to our Stainless Steel TactiCool adjustable shackle. If you’re looking for this style in a lower profile thinner bracelet, check out our exclusive 275 Tactical Cord Cobra Knot Bracelet.
Most Popular Colors: Olive Drab, Black, Olive Drab|Black, Multi Camo, Forest Green|Woodland Camo

550 Para-cord Tactical Wallet Lanyard

Tactical Wallet Lanyard

For the biker who has everything to true survivalists who want to carry a bunch of 550 cord (37 continuous feet) — our unique wallet lanyard makes a statement. Why use a lame steel chain to secure your wallet when you can have one of these bad-to-the-bone wallet lanyards! The lanyard is roughly 21 inches long with a carabiner on one end and an adjustable loop on the other.
Most Popular Colors: Black, Coyote Brown, Olive Drab

Yellow Ribbon Paracord Bracelet

Yellow Ribbon Support Our Troops Paracord Bracelet

This is our most popular Support The Troops bracelet. Those who have Family members serving away from home appreciate the meaning of keeping their loved ones in their thoughts every day. While this bracelet is shown with a Yellow Ribbon, you can designate any awareness color combo you desire.
Most Popular Combo: Digital ACU Edge|Black Center|Neon Pink Stripe|Yellow Ribbon

Paracord Dog Tag Gear Bug Out Bag Luggage Tags

Paracord and Dog Tag Bug-Out Bag/Luggage Tags

Great for Preppers, those who travel a lot or even can be used as a keychain. Dog Tag can have 5 lines of custom text with your contact information — or warning!
Most Popular Colors: Multi Camo, Desert Sand Tan, Olive Drab, Black

Double Dipper Paracord Neck Lanyard

Double-Dipper Lanyard

You have your ID, your phone, your keys, a whistle — most lanyards only accomodate the one item of your choice; now you can have two. This versatile lanyard is great for coaches, teachers — anyone who needs to have these important items easily available.
Most Popular Combos: Neon Orange, Imperial Red|Infantry Blue, Black|Olive Drab, Coral Pink|White

550 Cord Necklaces

Paracord Garrote Necklace

If you have someone on your list who is into camping, hiking and/or Prepping — they probably already have a paracord bracelet making our Garrote necklace a natural gift to add to their wardrobe. Comes with a safety break-away clasp in 5 different lengths to choose from with up to three colors in each necklace.
Most Popular Combos: Foliage Green|ACU Digital Camo|Black, Neon Pink|Hot Pink Camo| Black, Imperial Red|Royal Blue|White, Olive Drab|Coyote Brown|and Black

Thinner Elite Tactical Cord and Paracord Bracelet

Thinner Elite 275 Tactical Cord and Paracord Bracelet

For those who think 550 Paracord is too bulky or utilitarian looking, our exclusive 275 Tactical Cord bracelet (We have 8 unique bracelet styles to choose from!) offers a lower, thinner profile with a dash of style! With 25 colors to choose from, combined with our choice of Paracord colors — the color options can meet anyone’s favorite combo!
Most Popular Combos: Thin Red Line, Black|Multi Camo Stripe, Neon Orange|Neon Yellow Stripe

Hearts are Wild Deployed Troops Bracelet

Hearts are Wild Deployed Troops Bracelet

Given by our deployed soldiers to those they leave behind to show they are always in their hearts. If you are not from a Military family and have someone on your list that you want them to know you care — this bracelet will do the trick.
Most Popular Combos: Coral Pink w/Neon Pink Heart, Olive Drab w/Yellow Heart, Black w/Red Heart

275 Tactical Cord Cobra with Coin Knot Center Bracelet, Knot and Loop Closer

275 Tactical Cord Cobra with Coin Knot Center Bracelet, Knot and Loop Closer

This uniquely knotted item is a big hit with the Ladies (we offer it in 550 Paracord too). This bracelet looks best in two colors so you can see the detail of the coin knot but if you prefer you can order in all one color as well.
Most Popular Combos: Chocolate Brown|Tan, Olive Drab|Desert Tan, Purple|Cobalt Blue

Elite Thin Blue Line Bracelet

Elite Thin Blue Line Bracelet

Our Elite Style, a favorite of Law Enforcement personnel, really accentuates the Thin Blue Line . You can order an entire set of Thin Blue Line Gear — bracelet, monkey fist, lanyard — for the brave heroes (and their K9 parnters) you know that do this necessary but difficult job. Yep, we’ve got Thin Red Line Gear too!
Colors Used: TBL: Black|Electric Blue, TRL: Black|Imperial Red

King Cobra Paracord Survival Bracelet

King Cobra Paracord Survival Bracelet

While anything made of 550 Mil Spec Paracord can be used in a pinch if needed, true survivalists prefer the King Cobra because this bracelet allows you to wear the most amount of paracord possible on your wrist — 16 to 20 feet!
Most Popular Combos: Black|Olive Drab, Olive Drab|Multi Camo, All Neon Orange, All Black

We have a whole bunch of other items in The OutPost Paul’s Christmas Workshop! If you have any questions, we’re available during business hours (M-F/9a-5P CT) to help you determine what styles, options or color schemes will ensure a Merry Christmas for all!


At *your* service,
Judi @ Paracord Paul

Do Not Tread on Me!

Don't Tread on Me 550 Para cord Lanyard