Unique Paracord Gear Gift Ideas

Merry Christmas from Paracord PaulIt seems with each passing year it becomes more difficult to find that something different for the special someone. If you are looking for a unique gift that is crafted to order, we can help you with a gift that the recipient will know you had made just for them!

I know how difficult it is to decide what gifts to buy for certain friends and family who seem to have everything. Believe me — I’m with you on that! This year we have 3 new products that you can rest assured your friends and family don’t already have!

Being Paul is knotting his fingerprints off, I thought I would try to help you out with the task of completing your gift list by sharing with you the products I get asked about most via our Live Chat and by e-mail.

Christmas Gift Ideas from Paracord Paul

New for 2014!

Cobra Cross Laced 275 & 550 Bracelet, Spiraling Monkey Fist Keychain, Borderline 550 Bracelet
Cobra Cross Laced Para cord bracelet Spiraling Monkey Fist Keychain Para-cord Borderline Bracelet

For the Patriot

Rattler Don't Tread on Me Para-cord Lanyard
Don’t Tread on Me Lanyard!
“The Rattler” is a unique paraord lanyard that you can use for your keys and IDs. From end to end this 550 lanyard is approximately 16″.

“The Rattler” uses 3 different knots to mimic a rattlesnake (rattler, body and head with tongue) and can be knotted up in the two colors of your choice. Great gift idea for those Patriots on your list! [View All Lanyards]

2nd Amendment para-cord bracelet
2nd Amendment 2A Bracelet
Show your support for the 2nd Amendment by sporting our cool laser cut brushed Stainless Steel 357 Magnum Cylinder with 30 Caliber holes knotted into a Cobra Knot 550 bracelet (approximately a 16th of an inch thick).

You can designate the 550 cord color of your choice. The 2nd Amendment is under attack and here at Paracord Paul we stand by and with the Constitution! [View All 550 Bracelets]

For Your Girlfriend

275 Tactical Cord Cobra with Coin Knot Center Bracelet, Knot and Loop Closer
Coin Knot Center Bracelet, Knot and Loop Closer
The ladies love this bracelet due to the elegant coin knot center and our lower profile 275 cord. You can have all one color but 2 colors really show off the knot work. Chocolate Brown and Tan is shown but we get quite a few orders for

We also offer this design in 550 cord for a more substantial version. Great friendship bracelet too!

For Your Boyfriend

Tactical Paracord Wallet Lanyard
Tactical Paracord Wallet Lanyard
This is the lanyard for a man-wallet. If your boyfriend is a biker or construction worker who needs a wallent lanyard that doesn’t give up — this is it! Our tactical 550 wallet lanyard is made from one 37 foot continuous piece of 550 cord.

You can choose from a 2 or 3 inch carabiner, the 2 inch is shown. Silent and strong, this wallet “chain” won’t scratch paint either. [Get your man one now!]

For the Survivalist

King Cobra Paracord Survival BraceletThe Original King Cobra
If you are a survivalist, camper, hiker, outdoors enthusiast — or know someone who is — the King Cobra is the ultimate paracord bracelet. This substantial bracelet allows you to comfortably wear 16-20 feet of 550 cord depending on your wrist size!

Great gift idea for anyone who understands how valuable and useful a hunk of paracord can be when you need it!

For Military Families

Veteran Made Service Medal BraceletsMilitary Service Medal and Branch Tag 550 Paracord Bracelets
There is no way to every thank our military folks and their families enough for the commitment to our Nation, the Constitution and Liberty.

“I like to see a man proud of the
place in which he lives.
I like to see a man live so that
his place will be proud of him.”

~ Abraham Lincoln

For Law Enforcement & K9s

Thin Blue Line Para-cord GearThin Blue Line Gear
One of our most popular lines products is our Law Enforcement Thin Blue Line gear (Thin Red Line too!). We have standard, thinner, elite and K9 collars with or without genuine Military Dog Tags. The most ordered dog tag is our Brass tag made from spent shell casings. You can customize the tag with 5 lines of text of your choosing.

(Yes, of course we make dog collars and leashes for those who do their job at home! The color combinations are endless!)

Don’t forget! Stocking Stufffers!

Bug-Out Bag Tags, Keychains and Zipper Pulls

Bug-Out Bag Luggage Tags   Quattuor Paracord Keychain   Skull Paracord Zipper Pulls

We have a whole bunch of other items in The OutPost Paul’s Christmas Workshop! If you have any questions, we’re available to help you determine what styles, options or color schemes will ensure a Merry Christmas for all!


At *your* service,
Judi @ Paracord Paul

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