Cobra Knot Paracord Wrist and Neck Lanyards


Your lanyard can be for your wrist (approximately 11″) or I can it make long enough to go around your neck (21″ inches) — your choice. Neck lanyards come with a break-away clasp. You also can have one or two colors.

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Paracord Colors Shown L-R:
Neon Green and White, ACU Digital and ACU Digital, Infantry Blue and Charcoal Grey, Navy Blue and White

What type of 550 Military Paracord do you use?

All of my products are made to order by me right here in the U.S.A. with mil-spec MIL-C-5040H type III requirement cord and have a minimum breaking strength of 550 pounds (550 cord).

Not all paracord is created equal -- especially the sub-par cord from overseas. My 550 parachute cord comes from the same U.S. factory that is a government contractor to supply the military, so quality is assured. We use the actual paracord our service men and women rely on every day!

There is approximately 1" of paracord for every inch of knotting. This does vary slightly depending on the knot. If you were to disassemble your item you could use the cord and the strands within for all kinds of outdoor and, yes, survival applications.

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