Prepping Puts a New Label on Old Ways

Are You Ready for TEOTWAWKI

Prepping is a buzzword that is a twisted parody of the ideal. If you were to believe the traditional media, you would think prepping to be crazy, not normal, something only nuts do!

As a buzzword, prepping is about survivalists (some doomsday-fearing) hoarding food for the end of the world and about eschewing the comforts of modern living. I prefer to look at it as TEOTWAWKI — that’s the acronym for The End of The World As We Know It. We’ve seen some crazy weather as of late, combined with living in uncertain times, making preparing for what can happen, or prepping, is simply a wise and prudent approach.

Prepping the ideal is something as old as time: be prepared for anything. Expect the unexpected. That’s what you are taught in the Military. True prepping doesn’t focus on one type of epic event but rather on surviving anything that might happen –TEOTWAWKI. Having supplies and basic survival skills make the difference when it comes to life-or-death situations.

To our Country’s Pioneers Prepping was Called Daily Life

America wasn’t always covered in highways and convenience stores. Food wasn’t prepackaged, and water didn’t flow from a tap. Because modern times are safe and relatively predictable, the buzzword of prepping suggests that anyone acting otherwise must have a screw loose. One could easily see that prepping is not a modern affliction if you took a moment to look at the past.

Having a larder of food meant surviving the brutal months of winter. Food had to be hunted down, butchered and skinned, then stored. Repairs couldn’t be taken to a specialist, and replacement tools had to be made. Bearing arms was expected for self-defense and carried no moral stigma. Sewing and cooking were good skills rather than hobbies.

Self-reliance and preparedness are thankfully seeing a resurgence right now. Beyond those scared of doomsday, or those wanting to forgo modern living, prepping is taking root with more people every day. Learning new skills and stockpiling basic staples can’t hurt, but not having them can. Disasters like Hurricane Sandy starkly remind people how quickly everything can be taken away and that running water, cell service, and electricity won’t always be there.

Earthquakes don’t make appointments, and tornadoes won’t wait for a grocery run. Utility lines can be cut during construction, and a delayed delivery could keep store shelves empty. The most basic preparations can make the difference in a disaster, turning just another victim into a survivor.

The prepping buzzword distorts the truth but will never stop the ideal. Being prepared for anything is part of humanity’s history, and no amount of name-calling can take that away. Fortune favors the prepared, so start right now to take control of the unexpected.

You can start your prepping journey with the resources from what to stock, how to store it as well as a plethora of tips and how-tos. Join in the conversation at Survivalist Forum, ask questions and meet new friends of like minds. Then become a supporter as we have. You’ll be glad you did when it is TEOTWAWKI…