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Paracord Bracelet, Dog Collar, Lanyards, and Gear reviews submitted by satisfied customers of Paracord Paul:
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Barry Radanof
Very Nice Work!

Well, the order in question finally showed up in the mail on Saturday. Boy, USPS is slacking a little. The mailman and I had a little chat on Friday, even he was looking for it. Anyway, it's here and it looks great. Very nice work! I'll post your cards at our station. Thanks again.

Jennifer Gripe

I just received my order of the two TBL dog collars. They look awesome! This is the second time I've ordered from you (my dog is the one in the picture for the original TBL collar) and both experiences have been pleasant and exceeded my expectations. I decided to order a new collar for my dogs because I saw that you had upgraded the clasp. The first one wouldn't stand up to my dog pulling on the leash. And the dog tag on the collar is brilliant! Mine have a tendency to lose theirs. If I could get both of my dogs to sit still, I would send you another picture. I can't believe how quickly both of these were made and shipped to me. The time I ordered to the time I got them was only 5 days, which included a weekend. As a police officer with many friends and family in the military, I love the causes you support. You are my sole source for anything paracord!

Michael Peter
Great Product, Paul

I get a lot of compliments on your bracelets. People like them so much, I either give them the one I'm wearing or I order them one. Great product Paul. Keep up the good work and thank you again for your service to our country. Blessings.

Nancie Guido
What Service!

You are amazing!!! What service... thanks so much!

Bruce Karker

I ordered this bracelet and my hopes and expectations were not only met but they were exceeded by the quality of the material, the assembly, the fit and the promptness of Paul and company getting this order to me. Well worth the money and well worth doing more business with a fellow Veteran.