Paracord Tips eBook

Why a Paracord Tips eBook? Simple — because you asked for one! I get asked questions about paracord “survival” bracelets all the time. How to use them, what to use them for, how to clean them — even how to spell paracord. Is it para cord, para-cord, parachord or parachute cord — folks use pretty much all of the above!

So to help you out I put together my Paracord Tips Sheet (like a Paracord 101) for those just now discovering 550 cord — with some starter preparedness tips too.

The best part — all you have to do is Tweet about it or post on Faceybook or G+ and it’s all yours. (Plus I have a special discount code in the eBook to thank you for your support!)

What you’ll find in my Paracord Tips PDF:

 Para Cord Tips eBook

  • Introduction…
  • Why a 550 Paracord Bracelet?
  • What is 275 Tactical Cord?
  • Cleaning Your Bracelet
  • Deploying Your Bracelet
  • Uses for 550 Paracord and 275 tactical Cord
  • Setting Up a Bug Out Bag
    • Water and Hydration:
    • Heat, Light and Signaling for Help:
    • Temporary Shelter:
    • Direction Finding:
    • Knives and Tools:
    • General:
  • In Addition to your Bug Out Bag think about…
    • Items to have for Barter
    • Online Resources
  • Wall of Heroes
  • In Closing…