What are the Most Popular Paracord Bracelets?


Here are the most popular bracelets available in my shop! (While you are here why not subscribe (in that box in the lower right corner of this page) to get first notice of sales and new product announcements when we make them?)

Thin Blue Line Paracord Gear Thin Blue Line Paracord Gear: Hands down our most popular line! Thin Blue Line Bracelets, lanyards to Memorial Dog Tag EOW Bracelets and K9 Collars. Gear up and show your support!
Vietnam Service Medal 550 Bracelet Vietnam Veteran Service Medal Bracelet: Of all our service medal bracelets this one is the most ordered and revered. Closely followed by our Gulf War | Desert Storm, OIF and OEF paracord service medal bracelets. Each bracelet integrates each mission’s service medal colors and can be worn with pride and support for those who served and sacrificed for our Liberty and Freedom.
The Unifer 4 Color 550 Bracelet The Unifer 4 Color 550 Bracelet: The color combinations are really endless with this popular 550 bracelet. You have your choice of Edge, Center and two Center Stripes. But, this paracord bracelet looks pretty trick in one color too due to the texture created by the two center stripes. Olive Drab, Black and Digital ACU are colors ordered most in one color for this bracelet. Our most popular combo is Black Edge, Desert Sand Tan Center, Olive Drab Stripe, Coyote Brown Stripe.
King Cobra Paracord Survival Bracelet King Cobra Survival Bracelet: This is a true “man bracelet” in that it is substantial and has a ton more cord than a standard cobra. Substantial to say the least! You can view our size comparison info here. If you are concerned about wearing a bulky bracelet or a bracelet that feels too big — the King Cobra is not for you. However, if you want the ability to wear as much 550 paracord as you can in a single bracelet the King Cobra in one color fits the bill.
Double Crosser Woven Paracord Bracelet Double Crosser Bracelet: Here’s an item you guys have been asking for and who am I to say no? This is our “Double Crosser” woven bracelet. Up until now I resisted doing these because they aren’t “knotted” but are more of a weave. They do look sharp and I like happy customers! Available in one or two colors of your choice.
Thinner Elite Tactical Cord and Paracord Bracelet 275 Tactical Cord Cobra with 550 Stripe: Our Thinner Elite is one of our most popular bracelets due to the lower profile of our 275 Tactical Cord without sacrificing strength and durability. You then designate the the 550 paracord color of your choice as an accent strip down the center. Thin Blue Lines and Thin Red Lines are the most requested!
Yellow Ribbon Paracord Bracelet Yellow Ribbon 550 Support the Troops Bracelet: Show your support for our troops with a Yellow Ribbon and your choice of Edge, Center and Stripe colors. You also have the option to change the ribbon color to support the cause of your choice! The most popular color combo for this bracelet is Digital ACU paracord on the edge, Black in the center, Olive Drab stripe with the Yellow 275 Tactical Cord “Ribbon”.
Hearts are Wild Bracelet Hearts are Wild Deployed Troops Bracelet We had a couple soldiers request these bracelets for their loved ones before they deployed as a way of letting them know they leave their heart with those at home. So we added this 550 cord bracelet to our line. Now, not for soldiers alone it is a neat way to let anyone know that you have them in your heart.
Medial Alert 550 Dog Tag Bracelet Medial Alert 550 Dog Tag Bracelet: You’ve got 5 lines of text to put on your custom text Dog Tag noting allergies, ICE phone numbers and contact names. We’ve been told by many Mom’s that our bracelets are a “cool” way to get their children to wear this important information! Three colors of tags to choose from and you can designate your edge and center paracord colors.
275 Tactical Cord Cobra with Coin Knot Center Bracelet, Knot and Loop Closer Cobra Switch Knot with Coin Knot Center Bracelet: We were the first to introduce this unique bracelet copied by “knotters” everywhere. While it can be in one color, a two color combo gives the Celtic-like coin knot real definition! This bracelet is also a popular choice for the ladies as it has more feminine appeal. Also available in 550 Paracord.
Use Your Own Dog Tag Bracelet Use Your Dog Tag Military Dog Tag Bracelet: We offer this product for those who have served as another way of wearing their tags. For the families of those who served and paid the ultimate sacrifice, we can take your loved one’s tag and incorporate it into a custom bracelet in the colors of your choice.

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