Tactical Gear

Paracord Garrote Necklaces

550 Cord Necklaces
Don’t worry about putting paracord around your neck — we’ve got you covered with a safety break-away clasp for fast deployment and quick release if needed.

550 paracord necklaces have been one of our most requested items and we wanted to offer something a little less bulky and more unique. You can have up to 3 colors. 18″ is the default length with 20″, 22″, 24″ or 26″ also available.

Gear and Range Bag Tags

Paracord Bug Out Bag Gear Dog Tags My range and gear bag tags are a great way to identify your gear bags quickly. These are made with 7 feet of 550 Cord in a King Cobra design with your choice of polished, matte stainless steel dog tags or brass tags made from spent shell casings (my personal favorite).

Easy on and easy off with my 2″ custom carabiner. Use them in different colors to ID at a glance the contents of your gear bags so you don’t have to search for the right one. Can also be used on luggage to quickly ID yours in a sea full bags running around the carousel.

We’ve had EMTs use these for their travel bags, Survivalists for their bug-out bags, and hikers for their camping gear. We’ve even had SWAT teams purchase our Gear Bag Tags in specific colors to note what is in which bags at a glance.

Tactical Wallet Lanyard

Tactical Para-Cord Wallet LanyardWhy use a lame steel chain to secure your wallet when you can have one of these bad-to-the-bone wallet lanyards! The lanyard is roughly 21 inches long with my custom carabiner on one end and an adjustable loop on the other. The loop has a hangman’s knot so it can be snugged up. The loop size depends on your wallet. Biker style wallets that have grommets only need a small loop but bi-folds like the one shown uses a 4 inch loop.

My Tactical Lanyard is made from one 37 foot continuous piece of 550 parachute cord. Your choice of 2 or 3 inch carabiner, the 2 inch is shown. Silent and strong, this wallet "chain" won’t scratch paint either.

Quattuor Paracord Keychain

Quattuor Paracord Keychain
By request! A simple paracord keychain that allows you to carry around approx. 4 feet of made in the U.S.A. mil-spec MIL-C-5040H type III requirement cord with you at all times.

Our Quattuor keychain has 4″ of cobra knotting with a key ring on the end. What makes this key chain unique is we attach the key-ring to a d-ring so the cord doesn’t fray due to adding and removing keys over time.

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