275 Tactical Cord: Mil Type 1 Style Cord Bracelets

We manufacture our 275 Tactical Cord is a Mil Type 1 Style Cord to our specs with a 4 strand core and 16 strand cover delivering a whopping 275 pound test break. We call it 275 Tactical Cord and it’s some tough stuff!

We’ve got 25 colors of our 275
Tactical Cord for you to choose from!

275 Mil Spec Tactical Cord Colors

Exclusively Available from Paracord Paul!

After the success of our “Thinner Elite” bracelets using our black 275 Tactical cord with a 550 Paracord stripe you asked for more colors and we’ve delivered! We starting adding products made with our new cord to The OutPost with more being added on a regular basis.  Here are our most popular popular 275TC bracelets:

Ultimate Ribbon Awareness 275TC Bracelet

275 Tactical Bracelets

Ultimate Ribbon Awareness Bracelet

This bracelet allows you to customize to your cause exactly the way you want it.  You can choose from Edge, Center and two Center Stripe colors.  Then you can add the awareness ribbon color of your choice as well.  That’s 6 colors in all to make your bracelet have a personal meaning to you alone.

275 Tactical Cord Survival Bracelets
Top left is our Thinner Elite Style which allows you to have two colors of 275 TC accented with a 550 Paracord center stripe. Bottom left is our 275 TC King Cobra. This bracelet offers the best of all worlds — not as substantial as a 550 Cord King Cobra but wider than a standard Cobra knot.

On the right you’ll see our most popular Coin Knot Center 275 TC that has been copied by many “knotters” out there. Our 275 TC gives the bracelet a more feminine weight and appearance.

100% American Made!

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